Two simple ways to be true to yourself in any moment.


Your life is a constant flow of opportunities to learn about who you are, and thereby grow and evolve and become enlightened and fulfilled. But how can you maximize all those opportunities?

QUESTION to Paul: “I want to be true to myself… but I’m not sure WHO I am. I want to make the most of the next year but I don’t know what’s actually true to me or how to do it.”

PAUL’s reply:
Being true to yourself is always vital. It’s the only way to avoid looking back in regret after you’ve tried to gratify others in your life instead of honoring yourself.

Make only choices that honor YOUR inner truth and everything will be well, even if others dislike or disapprove of your choices. What anyone else thinks or feels is their own business and their own responsibility, not yours.

So how can you identify what’s true to you? One effective way is to stop amid whatever is going on, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax for a moment, then allow yourself to sense your subtle inner urges and wishes and longings, and trust that those urges are the voice of Love, of higher consciousness… because they are. Then act on those urges. Another way is what I call ‘the ideal’ method: imagine that the entire Universe and everything and everyone in it will be delighted with you and 100% supportive of you… as long as you do only what YOU deeply wish to do. And then be courageous and DO it.

Listen only to that ‘inner sense’, not your thoughts, because the mind genuinely does NOT know, it only THINKS it knows.

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