Setting healthy priorities will bring you healthy and lasting joy.


What anyone else thinks of you is not important in any way at all. In fact, it’s not even any of your business. But what YOU think of you is vital.

QUESTION to Paul: “I’m always fearing I’ve done or said something that has upset someone or has made them change their view of me.”

PAUL’s reply:
Always defer to what’s true to you and agrees with you most deeply, regardless of what others might think or say. That way you are being truly honest — with yourself (which is the only REAL honesty) — and responsible and authentic. Though it might be challenging at times, it ensures spiritually healthy growth while achieving happiness; happiness that’s not self interested nor dependent, but rather happiness that’s self-generated and genuinely self-responsible at the highest spiritual level.

Remember: Your happiness is your responsibility. Anyone else’s happiness is their soul/sole responsibility to achieve, not yours. If ever you attempt to preserve someone else’s happiness but compromise your own happiness in the process, then you make a grave and damaging error, spiritually.

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