What’s a sin, anyway?


Relax! There’s no such thing as a sin… other than a handy tool that the religious systems built and used to control the masses, convincing us all to follow the prevailing religious leadership, ideals and rules, no matter how faulty.

QUESTION to Paul: “I’ve often worried about whether or not I’ve sinned and what the consequences might become in my life. It worries me sometimes then I forget about it till it crops up again. Maybe it’s all in my mind. Should I find out and fix it?”

PAUL’s reply:
If there ever is a sin (and as I’ve said, I don’t believe there is) it would be to go against self — damaging self, hurting self, disappointing self, criticizing self, undermining self, doubting your inner urges and personal truth. Why? Because your genuine Divine guidance communicates inwardly with only you, through your heart. If you go against that, then you go against God, so to speak. The Divine Principle doesn’t really mind if you go against it but inevitably, if you do, you’ll create life circumstances that give you more reason to go even more against yourself and suffer even more.

If that were the case then the only thing to watch out for is yourself — you’d be causing yourself problems by hurting yourself. Simple. It’s a little like continually banging your head against a wall while complaining about having a headache.

SOLUTION… Don’t look back at what might have been, look forward — promise yourself you’ll never go against yourself in future in any way whatsoever. By doing so, you’ll create for yourself a life of unfolding love, joy and fulfillment, ease and prosperity… instead of more pain. And that is the purpose, after all.

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