Can you tell if it’s your heart talking, not just your head?


If you’ve ever wondered if your heart’s actually communicating with you, or is it just your head playing tricks again, you’re not alone. But it can be really simple to get clear on it…

QUESTION to Paul: “I feel so stressed, even overwhelmed with things at the moment. I’m under so much pressure to decide which way to go at the moment. It’s a very important decision, so I want to hear my heart because I want to choose what’s really best for me, not just what’s safest or easiest. I feel so torn by it all. What are my heart’s desires? I don’t think it even has any desires any more! Maybe my heart isn’t talking to me at all?”

PAUL’s reply:
“This is a brilliant reflection for you because it’s showing so clearly that you are actually torn inside. The outside issues are just the reflection. As soon as you’re no longer feeling torn inside over it all, the outside issues will subside, miraculously.

Firstly, relax — if you didn’t have any heartfelt desires and were not hearing the heart’s wishes, you’d not feel torn or divided or stressed in the situation. Your heart is pulling you one way and your head is pulling you another way.
Secondly, if your heart actually wasn’t communicating with you at all, you wouldn’t have heartfelt desires and wishes at all either — those ones that are there, wooing you and giving you hope, even if you try to ignore them — you’d be unaware that there was a chance of choosing something that went against your greater good.

You’re actually torn between your heart and your head. So there’s the ‘torn’ to address. Take a few quiet moments and contemplate the options. Surrender to the option that REALLY deeply attracts you — rather than the one that just ‘quells your fears’ or ‘satisfies your needs’ — even if it seems to make no ‘sense’ or is unlike anything else, or even defies the understanding of others.

Our mind’s work only with known quantities but the heart is aware of much more. If we ignore our heart’s urges, we will eventually regret it.

So… Let the heart decide WHAT, then let the mind figure out HOW. Only the heart’s wisdom knows what to do or to choose, and the mind has the knowledge of how it can be done.
Never let your mind decide ‘what’ to do or ‘whether or not’ to do it. If you do, you’ll never get out of the ‘same-old same-old’.

All creativity works through this principle, enabling the creative one to consider things outside the obvious or normal realms — things in the remarkable, extra-ordinary realms. They are who surprise the world with revolutionary new ideas, inventions, awareness — and the people who make a difference in the world instead continuing or defending the ‘same-old’.

What’s more… it’s the method that’ll strengthen your heart, your heart wisdom, and your heart communication constantly.

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