Capitalize on the power of SYNCHRONICITY in your life.


Have you noticed that some people seem to have some strange power that gives their life purpose and fulfillment, while others just seem to suffer or struggle?

QUESTION to Paul: “Is synchronicity a real thing? Can most people begin to notice it? how can one distinctly see /understand events as being synchronistic and of a greater significance? Can one really get to the point of acquiring a ‘synchronic rhythm’ in their life?”

PAUL’s reply:
Synchronicity is definitely something real! And it’s a huge benefit once you realize what it’s all about.

It really depends on how you choose to perceive things — Is life a string of accidental coincidences; a random string of disconnected events? Or is it a meaningful and purposeful flow of events and circumstances; a flow that’s deliberately connected in some way, providing a journey that’s rich with guidance and opportunities to learn from and grow through? Personally, I’m totally convinced of and committed to the latter.

If you understand that life is a flow of creation happening THROUGH you (rather than just a flow of random stuff happening TO you) then you’re in high consciousness (high frequency, creator, mastery, Love) — you’ll know deep down that you’ve created everything and that everything is in an intricately-connected synchronistic web, has a valuable purpose, and is a rich and meaningful opportunity for you, even if you can’t intellectually understand what it is.

On the other hand, believing that life is just a flow of stuff happening TO you is the foundation of low consciousness (low frequency, victim, fear) — you’ll see life as lucky/unlucky, helpful/unhelpful, good/bad, or simply as an accidental coincidence, or even pointless and un-connected, and you feel powerless to do anything about it because some greater power than you is calling the shots.

When you’re in the ‘creator consciousness’ scenario, you know you’re creating it all so you’re actually in the driver’s seat, learning every day how to drive and master your vehicle of life on your road to total fulfillment, and are consequently willing to take total responsibility for your life.

In the ‘victim consciousness’ scenario, you’re coming from helplessness, fear, powerlessness (e.g.: it’s just a fortunate/unfortunate coincidence; poor me/poor them; it’s not fair; I can’t help it; it’s hopeless, I can’t make any difference myself; lucky them/ lucky me; I hope I can avoid this next time) — just hoping that there will be more ‘good’ or ‘lucky’ stuff than ‘bad’ or ‘unlucky’. And as you’d imagine, such people are seldom willing to take responsibility for their situations in life; someone else is always to blame.

But in truth they’re both just different views of exactly the same situation — that situation is: we are constantly creating everything in our own lives. The miserable downtrodden victims are simply ignorant of their creation powers, or maybe they’re not willing or haven’t learned how to use those powers. The thriving joyous charismatic people are in some way aware of their power and they are usually quite disciplined in using those powers. Occasionally, you’ll encounter an authentic Spiritual Master, identifiable by their being consciously deliberately learning, refining and using their creation powers throughout their day-to-day life. And possibly even teaching others who feel ready to know and grow.

The basic difference between people in the 2 scenarios is that the ‘victim’ person knows they’re NOT creating their own life, and the ‘Master’ knows they ARE.

As for that rhythm in life… I believe that’s a matter of acknowledging that indeed you are creating your life and witnessing the evidence that is always appearing. Examples: “Wow, I was just thinking of that the other day and… here it is now!” ; “I used to wish for this as a child and now, here I have it” ; “I was just thinking of you and here you are phoning me after so long” ; “Only yesterday I was thinking how it’d be nice to meet up with you and now we bump into each other today!” When we perceive such events as being self-created, they become synchronistic and meaningful guidance. And as they begin stringing together they create those rhythms of awareness and fulfillment.

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