How you can love someone without liking them.


I was again asked recently about an issue that’s foundational in my work and I’m asked often — the difference between loving and liking…

QUESTION:  “Paul, you differentiate between the words ‘loving’ and ‘liking’ quite distinctly in the consultation I had with you… and also you said that sometimes “People may ‘love’ you tho they may ‘hate’ you” in same breath. How is it that people may ‘love’ you tho they may ‘hate’ you?”

PAUL’s Reply:
People may intensely dislike (‘hate’) something/s about you or that you do or represent, but they may still not try to control or change you. If that’s the case then they’re ‘allowing’ you to do or represent what they personally don’t like.

The soul ‘allows’ (Loves) and the ego controls or forces (fears). So by ‘allowing’ you to be you, without any pressure to change you into someone they like, they’re acting with genuine higher consciousness — Love (allowance). If they try to force change or control or judge what they do not like, then that’s a sign of lower consciousness — fear (control/ dis-allowance).

One simple way to be genuinely Loving — ALLOW. You don’t have to like ‘it’, and you certainly don’t have to suffer it or agree with it… but allow it to be whatever it is.

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