How to achieve Self Love — it’s simple, though not necessarily easy or familiar.


Love is a matter of allowance… it’s not about ‘liking’. Allowance triggers higher consciousness — Love Consciousness.

QUESTION to Paul: “I understand that all is progressing exactly the way it’s meant… and yet a constant feeling that one is yet to be in complete self love for everything around to work better… How can I make the process of falling in love with myself quicker?”

PAUL’s reply:
Ahhh, falling in love… That often gets a little misguided because of all the preconceptions behind the terms ‘love’ and ‘falling in love’. They’re loaded with ‘stuff’, and different stuff for each person. But Love (Love consciousness) is the essential issue and to get past a lot of ‘stuff’, think of Love as ALLOWANCE.

So the way to love self is to ‘allow self’… in every conceivable way. Allow your uniqueness, allow your differences, allow your personal choices and allow the variety you represent and bring to the world instead of sameness. This can manifest in a zillion different ways depending on the individual and what they’re learning and how.

One very powerful tool is… stop judging. See absolutely no ‘right/wrong’, ‘good/bad’, should/shouldn’t etc). Let go of duality and polarity thinking and conflict attitudes towards anything at all in your life or in your awareness. Then you’re beginning to Allow. And when that principle is turned upon self, it opens a whole new level of learning that also directly opens the inner doors to genuine Love consciousness and the fulfillment it inevitably brings on the inner levels as well as outer levels — because of the power and perfection in the law of reflection, you can only receive the love you’re willing to give yourself. If the love in your life is faulty, you must inspect the love you have for yourself because it will be faulty in the same way.

Allowing someone or something does NOT mean agreeing with it or putting up with it or suffering it in your life, it just means letting it exist as it is. Just recognize and accept that people are different, allow them their differences, and make the necessary self-supportive choices and self-supportive actions for your self-joy, rather than try to control or force another person to do or be anything they are not.

And as for making it quicker… time is definitely not the issue. When you Love, you’re loving. It’s immediate. It’s more an issue of how THOROUGHLY (that is to say widely, unconditionally, limitlessly, boundlessly, deeply) you love (…you allow). And the steps I mentioned make a very powerful and effective pathway.

So… first allow you to be you. Then you’ll begin to learn and appreciate the effects and implications of allowing others to be themselves. And stop judging — instead just observe and allow whatever it ‘is’ to just be… then make courageous self-supportive choices.

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