Never fear! Change is here! You’ll Love it!


When we are truly finished with any circumstance or condition of our life, it changes. It changes because the Universe wastes nothing, and to continue creating something that has become obsolete (for example a relationship or friendship that you have actually outgrown, whether you know it or not) would be wasteful.

QUESTION to Paul: “I have an issue of holding onto things, including friendships. What can I do?”

PAUL’s reply:
People usually hold onto ‘people things’ because it’s actually unresolved for them — it hasn’t brought a result that they can accept. That’s usually because they think that they, or somebody else, haven’t actually done what they were ‘supposed’ to do. So it’s most often a case of life not meeting our expectations; not delivering what we thought it would or should. And until it does, we don’t want to let it go because we want to fix it; to put it right or make it good.

But it sounds to me as though you can sense impending change… Ask yourself why you feel the need to hold on?

Are you changing, moving on, evolving? Wanting them to come with you? Or are they moving on, and you feel out of step with them? Or even left behind? It sounds to me that you’re moving on, finding that things are not true to you any more, not resonating with you. And by the same token, the unknown that lies ahead seems daunting.

Rest assured that if things are changing then it’s ideal that they do so. It’s for the greatest good of all — for you and for everyone else.

When we resist change, we resist the flow of the entire cosmos — a tall order! And it brings pain… which is what you’re feeling as the need to hold on for fear of loss, fear of the future, fear of being powerless in the face of what life might bring.

It’s time to adapt, not resist.

Change is a powerful force that we can capitalize on, instead of feeling a victim of it. The fact is that change happens. And the most important thing to know and remember is that it’s YOU who guides the change that actually occurs in your life. Yes, you do! How do you guide that change? The flow of change is what’s called ‘Creation’. Creation ‘watches’ what you put your energy into — what your thoughts are, your emotions, your actions… what you focus your attention on. Then Creation changes things in your life so that you experience your thoughts, emotions and actions. That way, you experience what you choose to focus on — what you focus your thoughts, emotions and actions on. And that is your true power.

Simple! But not necessarily easy, I admit. Ignore anything that is disappointing or upsetting or painful — don’t give it ANY of your valuable attention (energy) or you’ll just experience more of it. Instead, start training yourself to focus all your thoughts and emotions and actions on what makes (or would make) you happy and fulfilled. Miraculously, life will then bring you more and more things and people that will bring you happiness and fulfillment.

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