Prioritize to magnetize the life you’ll love.


Hard stone transformed by Love and creativity.

Be sure to always Love, then what you’d truly love to experience will come to you.

QUESTION to Paul: “My work is a bit neglected at the moment as matters of heart have taken precedence.”

PAUL’s reply:
Matters of the heart should always take precedence. No exceptions. It automatically brings all matters of the heart into context, balance and alignment with all of life and thereby magnetizes to you experiences you love in all areas of your life. Because nothing in life is separate from anything else in life — it’s all connected — and Creation is guided by you, your life circumstances constantly reflect to you the state of your heart energy, your Love consciousness.

So your state of heart energy (Love energy) determines the creativity, joy, love, ease, and harmony you experience in all areas of your life… including the work you do. And it can always be brought into focus and clarity by exercising the self-discipline of Allowance — perpetually, uncompromisingly, relentlessly throughout everything you do, everything you say, everything you feel and everything you be and choose in life. Just Allow.

Your focus and attention on Love consciousness (the state of your heart energy) in that simple way will begin to heal and balance everything in your life. It’ll also constantly feed and nourish the associated physical organ in your body — your physical heart.

As matters of the heart energy come into context and focus by you exercising the self discipline of Love (Allowance) in every part of your life, it’ll also bring into focus where your heart is in terms of your work. And that way you’ll get clearer on what you’d truly love to be doing, you’ll magnetize it effortlessly to you, and all the time you’ll be loving life more and more in every other way as well.

Additionally, living in that way, everything that is crucial to your evolution and overall wellbeing will miraculously just ‘appear’ as your next step in life. You’ll heal and be magnetizing work that you love, people that you love and things that you love! And, you’ll be moving along your proper path — your reason for being here on the planet; your Life Purpose.

It’s all natural progression from simply being in your heart and exercising Love (Allowance) relentlessly at every step you take.

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