The ‘Quick Start Guide’ to a more fulfilling life…


Ever wondered where the User Manual got to? The one you’d think would be given to us before trying to operate something as demanding as life itself? Well, there’s not enough space here for the full Manual, but…

QUESTION to Paul: “I feel so helpless sometimes, as though I’m just watching a horrible film that’s really my life. How can I get back to the feeling of hope, and that it’s all worthwhile?”

PAUL’s Reply:
The crucial difference between a master and a victim is their belief — a victim believes they are a powerless victim of circumstances whereas a master believes they make life happen.

In both cases, theirs is not a wishy-washy ideal, it’s reinforced, confirmed, trusted knowledge proven by experience. It’s not a mere idea, it’s real. In BOTH cases.

The beauty of this is that anyone who believes they are a powerless victim of anything in their life only needs to open their mind to the mere possibility that they are the creator of it. Then the doors begin to open and in pours that power and understanding… and gradually the experience of it.

How come? Because the reality of it — the Truth with capital T — is immutable: We all create our own reality, our own life. We can’t change the truth of that, we can only avoid it or deny it or use it against ourselves (in which case it becomes increasingly hopeless, difficult an painful) or accept it and learn to apply it (in which case it becomes valuable and fulfilling, effortless and playful). In either case, you continue to create it.

It is a falsehood — a travesty of life itself — to suggest that anyone is a victim of anything. In Truth, we are all creators. And when the clutter of our controls, denials and fears are removed, natural flow restores Creator Consciousness… in ANYONE who opens the doors of their mind to the principle.

And Creator Consciousness blossoms, naturally. Because it IS the natural state. The same way that grass grows when we stop cutting it, so Creator Consciousness blossoms when we stop blocking it out. Denying or avoiding or fighting it is supremely hard work; trying to hold it at bay in order to feel or believe you’re a victim is a hugely difficult, 24/7 occupation. And like any hugely difficult job that’s 24/7, it becomes an endless struggle, an overwhelming preoccupation with pain and dissatisfaction.

So just let go. Accept that you are the creator of your life. What your life looks like now is only reflecting to you how you have been using your creative force to date. Study the reflections that are your life so that you can understand what is in YOU that created them. If you don’t like what you see, choose to use your creative force differently. Learn how to wield your creative force with renewed purpose. If you can’t think of a purpose, why not adopt the purpose of Self Love? Or happiness?

Your Creator Consciousness requires no effort or trying to make it work because it’s natural. All you need do is allow it to work. It does require self discipline though. And it will immediately begin to reap rewards.

How do you change the reflection in a mirror? Certainly not by changing the mirror. It happens by changing yourself. Then the mirror — your life — will immediately begin to reflect those changes.

That’s the ‘Quick-Start Guide’. If you’re unsure or have questions, please contact me.

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