Your whole life will blossom when you’re balanced within.


Inner Balance opens all doors whereas Polarity Consciousness brings conflict living, endlessly consuming your energy — in the form of resources, attention, time, concentration, support, effort — without providing anything except more conflict.

QUESTION to Paul: “I’m worn out. I try to put things in my life right, the way they should be, but every time I make some progress, something else crops up that needs attention. It’s never ending. It wears me out and I can’t seem to get ahead. I want my life to be fulfilling, not exhausting.”

PAUL’s reply:
People have gotten so conditioned to thinking of everything in polarized terms — opposites (being right OR wrong, good OR bad, better OR worse, should OR shouldn’t, can OR can’t, will OR will not, etc…) — that we’ve come to believe that it’s the way things actually are. But in reality, it’s just the way we’ve come to BELIEVE things are. Big difference!

When you see or believe something is wrong or bad, then the ego wants to correct the ‘wrong’ to be ‘right’, and prove itself ‘right’ and ‘good’. It wants to change the ‘bad’ to become ‘good’ and stop those who do what they ‘shouldn’t do’ and make them do what they ‘should’ do. The result — conflict.

But the ego is seeing life from its own little ego-centric point of view, believing it’s the RIGHT and GOOD point of view, of course! It doesn’t see the greater reality which is always in balance — totally neutral, and existing for the purpose of (and by means of) variety and uniqueness, not sameness, so that we can have choice. (Having no choice creates fear, the opposite of Love).

I’ve traveled all over the world for decades and I’ve witnessed vastly different ways of life and incomprehensibly different ideals. All are perfectly appropriate in their own locale yet many would have been totally unacceptable in other places. It’s a matter of context, not conflict.

Truth is, nothing is good or right, it just IS what it is. And it’s all valid, every part of it, if only by virtue of the fact that it exists as a part of the universal variety of life. If it exists, then it’s part of creation, and the rest is just little human mentality applying personal perspectives, preferences and biases.

To become more balanced, start seeing and believing that nothing is right or wrong, nor good or bad. No exceptions. You’ll begin to see all life through the eyes of creation itself — all the beauty and texture of life that you’re intended to experience and love. And choose from.

More importantly, when you start seeing life in a balanced way — relishing variety and uniqueness instead of resisting differences — your ego will stop trying to ‘put things right’ or ‘prove it right’ or ‘make it good’ etc etc. There, in a single change of mind, conflict will become obsolete. Moreover, you’ll have a wealth of energy and resources to create what you’d Love to be experiencing.

Life IS variety — differences are everywhere and everything. When you realize and accept differences as necessity and benefit, instead of problems, then your life will flourish in joy and abundance… because there’ll be no conflict consuming your Love and creative energies.

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