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The path to an authentic, sustainable experience of achievement and fulfillment definitely involves doing what’s spiritual. But what does that really mean?

“I want to do what’s spiritual, what will help me spiritually, but I also need to do what’s practical in this world to survive and live.”

PAUL’s Reply:
First, know that you are already spiritual — you’re a spirit functioning through a body. You’re not a human trying to find your spirit, you already ARE the spirit you seek. The whole material world is a RESULT of the spiritual world. The body/human is meaningless without the spirit, or life-force, that enlivens it and enables it to journey through life. The primary purpose is to bring our human life into alignment with our inner spirit — to experience your embodiment to be the physical, active, living evidence of your spiritual essence, your Higher Self.

That said, everything you do as a human in this world, while in your embodiment, is a result of your relationship with your inner spirit. What you do in life is simply a 3-D construction — a material model of how you as a human relate to the actual spirit that you already are.

Therefore, everything you do is spiritual. Everything. Never doubt that for one moment, no matter the circumstances.

However, the ego, or physical (human) self, finds great need to stop the spirit from expressing authentically through its embodiment because ego doesn’t understand anything that’s not in the material world. Ego only knows the material, outer world and believes it’s all that is. As a result, the things people do in life are most often a compromise of, if not a total conflict with, their true nature as the spirit they fundamentally are. This is because the ego has hijacked their life.

If you feel that what you do is not a very accurate expression of who you really are, then the onus is on you to make changes around what you do so that it comes more into alignment with the real ‘you’ and you feel more that you are being true to your ‘self’, your inner spirit.

Everything and everyone is spiritual, no exceptions. And everything you do for practicality’s sake is just as much a part of your spiritual journey as the things you do that you consider more ‘spiritual’.

For many people, their life feels awkward or unpleasant or just ‘wrong’ because of the way ego pulls and distorts the spirit’s guidance on its way through the person and out into the world as human activities.

Correcting this doesn’t require sudden, drastic or damaging changes.

Just keep doing what you do now in the practical world… and begin diligently and persistently applying your inner values — your inner urges and callings — in practical ways to everything you do. If you’re willing to do that then change will happen, I assure you! Whatever you do will become increasingly a reflection of your spirituality whilst meeting the practical requirements too.

You’ll find that before long, you’ll be facing all sorts of new challenges (your real spiritual path) as well as getting a greater and greater sense of it being ‘right’, worthwhile, or a ‘good fit’ for you (self Love). That’s called being ‘in resonance’.

When you’re on your spiritual path, you’ll do everyday things, some of which you’ll like and some you might hate, but… you’ll LOVE it!!

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