The straight forward 1-2-3 that puts you in command of your life.


If you had to operate complicated and life-threatening machinery without a ‘User Manual’, how do you think you’d get on? How on earth would you use it without damaging something or someone, even yourself? Welcome to human life!

QUESTION to Paul: “How can I be creating my own life when I feel so helpless and disenchanted with it all? I can’t see how it works, at least not for me. I feel so helpless sometimes, as though I’m just watching a horrible film that’s really my life. How can I get back to the feeling of hope, and that it’s all worthwhile?”

PAUL’s reply:
Take heart, you’re actually in charge. It’s time to just change your mind, and here’s how and why…

The most important piece of knowledge is that you are actually the creator of everything in your own life — everything. Life happens through you, not to you. In fact, everybody is the creator of their own life. There are no exceptions to this foundational spiritual principle because it’s our Divine gift. And it’s Cosmic Law — it applies Universally, no matter who you are, or whether you believe it or not, or agree with it or not, or like it or not. And it’s impossible to break this Law, even if you wanted to. Once you know it’s there, you can only choose to either ignore it or use it. But neither choice will change the truth of it.

Whether or not you know it or believe it, and whether you like it or dislike it, or want it to be so or not, it makes no difference to this Law (or Universal Truth). It just works. Perpetually. And our life purpose and journey is to learn it and learn to apply its Power with Love and Wisdom.

The only real problem with life is that we were never given that piece of vital knowledge. Nobody told us how to operate it properly. And nobody told us the consequences of operating improperly. Most likely, that’s because either nobody knew, or the ones who did know wanted to keep it to themselves and watch the masses struggle with fear and lack. Some people accidentally learn or understand how to ‘do life’, but most just keep pushing the same old buttons and getting the same old results. Or is it a lack of results?

So the only difference between a person who seems like a helpless victim of their circumstances (thinking life is hell, and believes they’re helpless and powerless to change things) and a person who seems in charge of their life and fulfilled (empowered and uplifted about life, confident, feeling life is worthwhile whether or not they like their circumstances) is that the person in charge behaves as though they are creating it all, and the victim person doesn’t. Simple.

And how does this most important spiritual principle work in real life? Simply, it’s a matter of where your attention goes, creation’s energy flows.

1.  Observe your own thoughts and actions, without judgement.

2.  Realise when you’re thinking, watching, talking about, doing, looking at, listening to or imagining anything that is not what you’d want your life to be filled with, and… 

3.  Shift your attention — there and then — towards thinking, watching, talking about, doing, looking at, listening to or imagining anything that DOES resemble what you’d like your life to be filled with. 

Be consistent, diligent and relentless in that core spiritual discipline and the changes in your life will begin almost immediately.

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