Practical ways to raise your consciousness every day in normal situations.


Every day provides real opportunities to raise your consciousness in practical ways.

QUESTION to Paul: “Is there truly a way to be spiritual in my daily life like work, entertainment, family and all? I’m interested in the spiritual side of things but, for me at least, all that spiritual stuff appears to be just idealistic, not-real. I’d love to know because I want that realness. I want to believe it’s there.”

PAUL’s answer:
Definitely, there are many ways to live authentic spirituality in daily life, no matter what your life is like.

The truth is, nobody can be ‘unspiritual’ because we are each actually a spirit doing life (or at least trying to!) through our physical body in this earthly world. The question is really ‘Is the way we are doing life like or unlike the spirit that we actually are?’ Or, how much are we UNlike our inner spirit, living disconnected from, or ignoring (ignorant of) our inner spirit?

Here’s the process in a nutshell… To ‘do life’ more in keeping with your inner spirit requires that you firstly adopt principles throughout your life that are aligned with your inner spirit; with the guidelines that your inner spirit lives by (irrespective of your embodiment) and are fundamental to the spiritual realm (Universal Law). Then, once you embrace those guidelines and begin applying them — actually living them in your life — you’ll begin to become aware of how those principles influence the life you’d become accustomed to. The result of that is a discovery of your healing issues — issues and conflicts with your existing, familiar, ‘comfort zone’ life which are unique to you and have compromised your relationship with your inner spirit. Following that self awareness comes the choices that will either correct those mis-alignments (i.e. repair problems in life with Love) or not (live in denial, pain and fear).

Starting that process is a matter of learning and adopting spiritual principles and higher teachings. Here are 11 effective ones you can start with:
1. Allow you to be you — you’re a vital stitch in the fabric of all life.
2. Value your uniqueness — without it, the cosmos would not be whole.
3. Allow others their uniqueness and value it, appreciating their individual journey.
4. Allow the flow of life to guide you without controlling it or forcing it.
5. Adopt non-judgement throughout your life — Accept that absolutely nothing in existence is right or wrong, good or bad.
6. Be pro something, anti nothing. Create something, destroy nothing.
7. Respect your body — it’s your vehicle for growth and learning, and it’s the only way to experience love, joy and fulfillment in this world.
8. Put your energy (time, attention, thoughts, beliefs, speech, emotions, actions) TOTALLY into what you truly want to experience, or into whatever appears to be most like it. Remove your attention TOTALLY from what doesn’t work for you or support you.
9. Take nothing personally. Nothing.
10. Trust — but stop short of being naive. Creation/The Universe is on your side always, all ways.
11. Regard all things, all circumstances with equanimity.

Undoubtedly there will be some challenges, but it’ll be worthwhile. You create your life so create with self-Love. Enjoy!

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