How to live your true purpose and give your life meaningful direction.


There’s no feeling that compares with dedicating your life to a higher purpose instead of more mundane day-to-day stuff. But it does not require that you ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’. There are self-loving ways to make such a change, ways that are less harsh, less risky, and less disruptive to your life than you’d imagine.

Question to Paul: “I want to do spiritual work. What I’m doing as a job now is not meaningful or fulfilling at all. It upsets me so much because I really want to spend my life in work that has some spiritual purpose, or some real service. I want to do some good.”

Paul’s reply:
One seminar I did almost 20 years ago, just a short time after beginning the life-guidance work I now do globally, was one of the most uplifting and fulfilling for me. It was about shifting from a conventional career to more purposeful work. I was known then for having given up my regular career in the corporate world to do my spiritual empowerment work and these people wanted to know why and how I did it. They wanted to follow suit — discard their regular job for one that had genuine meaning and purpose.

During that seminar, I explained that I had walked out of my conventional career very suddenly and immediately began this new work full time. But doing so had caused a challenging, turbulent time for me — unnecessarily difficult, as I later realized.

Changing what you spend your working days on doesn’t have to be dramatic and disruptive or excessively risky. It just needs to be consistently doing what you deeply want to be doing.

First, set yourself the purpose that you want your life to have. It can be anything you deeply want to achieve as a service to humanity, to the Light, or to the world. It could be helping people understand their soul connection, or maybe helping communities live in more enlightened ways, or teaching children about their natural spiritual essence… whatever is true to your strongest inner calling. Mine was to help people understand and utilize their power to create their own reality.

Then begin immediately spending at least some of your time doing something (or things) that really do give you a sense of fulfilling that higher purpose or meaning, even on a very modest scale. It could be helping with a charity or social organization, maybe starting a community-oriented small business, or even gardening organically and sharing your crop, or running a meditation group each week.

Additionally, begin applying your chosen purpose to all the things you do in life that you feel you ‘have to do’ for practical reasons, or that you’ve always done even without any higher purpose — daily job, routines and the like. Ask yourself “How can I apply my chosen purpose to this activity?” If you definitely can’t find any way to apply your chosen purpose, then plan on stopping that activity as soon as you are able, and use the time that frees up to do more of the things you sense your purpose in.

The Universe will see you consistently acting on your chosen purpose. It will then swivel your life around in such a way as to provide more and more opportunities to do what you’re loving to do and what is raising your consciousness. Before too long, your life will be overflowing with the purpose and direction you seek. I know. I have experienced this myself and have witnessed it in other people’s lives.


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