The times certainly are a changin’…


Do you have the feeling that things just aren’t happening quite the same way any more? Have you wondered what’s REALLY going on? Found yourself becoming frustrated with things that have never really bothered you so much before? Raising questions that you can’t get answers to? Why do things seem to be getting bigger and more difficult than ever before? Not able to ignore things any more but, equally, can’t get satisfaction or clarity on them either?

Many people are facing the same, or similar, very real and often unfathomable issues in life as each other. These issues are not familiar and are seldom simple, and they don’t have ready answers in the media or the system that’s prevailed or that’s generally provided support or information.

Lots of questions hit my email inbox from a wide range of people, all of which I answer personally. Over the years it’s given me some very clear insights and realisations, one of which is that many people have similar issues in their lives, issues that rest on the same foundational principles but manifest in ways that are unique to the individual.

So… I’ve decided to use this space to share insights and guidance between people who are interested in their spiritual growth and learning in this massively transformative time in the evolution of our world and everyone in it. I’ll share people’s questions along with my answers to them.

The idea is for readers and visitors to get information, awareness, and hopefully help and guidance.
I invite people to contact me (real names will never be shown in this forum) with their issues in life that they want some clarity or guidance on, and I’ll offer a healthy enlightened perspective and some tools to deal with it. Doesn’t matter whether it’s something very personal or a global event — whatever, as long a sit’s something that’s on your mind and you’d like some help with or you’d just like to get clearer on.

My intention is help as many people as possible begin embrace and benefit from the new consciousness of Love, Power & Wisdom in their life… using their own real life experiences as the platform, the vehicle and opportunity for their transformation.This will mean rising out of the old paradigm (duality, pain & powerlessness) and coming into alignment with the Big Shift that’s going on — master it rather than be a victim of it!

I’m sure everyone who follows and reads this forum as it grows will relate to some of the real-life, real-people issues in the context of their very own life. These are not theory but actual issues and experiences. My answers are not run-of-the-mill ones, they’re healthy enlightened ones founded in deep spiritual principles that I have witnessed through my own work to bring genuine, manageable transformation and worthwhile results in people’s lives the world over.

Please Contact Me with your questions.
Let’s see how it goes…

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