How to manifest ‘more pleasant stuff in life’…


I was emailed today by someone struggling with coming to terms with their life seeming to be relentlessly negative and frustrating…

QUESTION: “I’m getting so frustrated with things in life… wishing I were able to manifest things of a more positive nature and wondering why I’m manifesting things that are not always pleasant… Thinking “Life’s a bitch” but knowing deep at my core that it’s only as bitchy as I let it be… Trying to transform this anger that seems to be with me 24/7… I worry that it’s so much a part of my DNA (anger on both sides of my family) that I won’t be able to get through this life feeling peace within. I seem to draw experiences and people into my life that only feed this frustration/ exasperation/ displeasure… Each day brings more “What the hell?!”
I guess I’ll always be faced with s–t to step over and some of it will always get on my shoes.

PAUL’s reply:
Let stuff go. Holding onto things is knocking you out. Just turn and put all your energy into something/s you DO like and want in your life. Remind yourself that everyone is MEANT to be doing things their own way, and let them do it. We can never know another’s choices or path, and we have no right to judge them. We just need to allow them the privilege of choosing, even if they screw it up in our view. That’s what this ascension time is all about. They are responsible for their choices, not you. And they have to learn that, even if it’s the hard way. That’s why you’re so frustrated – you haven’t allowed yourself to allow them their choices without judging. You’re frustrated with you, not with them.

You’re poisoning yourself with your concerns about others. Their concerns are not relevant. And it’s not healthy for you, it’s toxic and damaging. But nobody can redirect your attention and thoughts except you – that’s YOUR highest responsibility. Your head is telling you that there IS a RIGHT way and a GOOD result and YOU are the one who must tell them what it is. But that’s not true.

And that’s not what’s needed here. Your detachment about it is needed so that, without the emotional distortions, you can gain a clearer picture of what’s actually going on in these times. Plus, you’ll reclaim your responsibility for your contribution to it all by being SELF loving, SELF aware, SELF supportive and SELF responsible (spiritually-responsible) by tending to your own energy/consciousness by directing it only towards what you love and want and long for FOR YOU. You can’t involve others in your hopes and dreams because spiritually it’s not your responsibility, it’s their own responsibility. What’s more, you CAN’T take responsibility for them or their choices or their happiness — it’s impossible. You can only THINK you’re taking responsibility… or that you can change it.

Meditate. Sit quietly (for a short time at least) each day and contemplate YOUR wishes and hopes and dreams you have for YOU, not your wishes or hopes concerning others. It’ll all be fine, even though it might not make sense along the way to being fine ultimately.

To manifest things of a positive nature, you need to BE of a positive nature. It’s the ONLY way. Be what you want your life to be. Your life’s a mirror and to change the reflection in the mirror (your life) you need to change the source of the reflection (self). Simple, but not familiar and not necessarily easy at first. You’ve got to be willing, diligent and persistent — relentless, in fact — if you’re going to evolve through it and find peace and joy and fulfilment. (But it doesn’t cost any money!)

Be aware too that all people of pre-1992 births and, even more so, pre-1948 births are less prepared and capable for these change times and can face more upheaval and inner conflict in order to allow the incoming consciousness shift to take place in them and manifest in their lives. Not impossible at all, but much more discipline and effort is required than the average under-20 person on the planet.

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