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I’ve written 2 books and I’m in the process of 2 more. Both are written to put often vague or esoteric subjects into plain language, and offer useful everyday tools to apply universal transformational principles. Both books were written in response to people requesting for the information to be made readily available after they’d heard it first hand in seminars or workshops I was running. The books are available from major online bookstores or through your local bookstore.

Both books are also available for download as eBooks (From Atoms To Angels and Opening To Life) to read on your iPad or other reading device, or on your computer.

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“From Atoms To Angels”

An Introduction To The Invisible Spiritual Forces Shaping Your Life

Change is all around us. No aspect of our lives remains untouched. Increasingly we feel uncertain, subjected to forces we seem unable to understand or control. Human evolution has actually begun to accelerate and in From Atoms to Angels you’ll find straight forward explanations of what is happening and why, and how you can transform uncertainty into empowerment in the process.

From Atoms to Angels was written in response to widespread requests for a simple overview of the forces and principles that shape our lives and drive these changing times we are all experiencing. Through the author’s work in dozens of countries around the world, he found that most people want a simple, unbiased guide that helps them benefit from these changes rather than become a victim of them.

This book enables us to see everyday events and experiences in our lives from a fresh perspective, untainted by the conditioning, hidden agendas or esoteric mystique that have so often distorted or buried such empowering knowledge in the past.

The practical insights and tools in From Atoms to Angels are thought provoking, even challenging, yet clear and liberating, offering the power of clarity and renewed choice to propel us forward in these times of far-reaching transformation.

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“Opening To Life”

How you can heal the past, live the Now and create the future by opening to channel pure life force energy.

A must-read in today’s world of emerging spirituality, Opening To Life offers a most comprehensive and practical understanding of the powerful phenomenon and service that is channeling.

These clear and straight forward explanations of energy and how it works come from the author’s first hand experience over almost two decades of applied channeling in public events and private consultations. Paul puts to rest any doubts or misleading superstitions on the subject and guides you to a rich array of simple powerful ways you can open your heart, establish your true purpose, and sustain higher consciousness and fulfillment as you go about your own daily life.

Opening To Life is a vital and practical tool that brings channeling into its true place as the foundation of your very being and life.

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