What on Earth…?


Payoff or pay back? — Earth’s major events and changes.

So much is happening around the world. Earth changes mean reinstating balance within the Earth herself… as well as between the Earth and humanity… as well as between humanity and humanity. (I’d like to say human-kind but ‘kind’ seems to be a little inaccurate, considering our track record!) For way longer than humanity has been on this planet, nature has constantly maintained balance to ensure the survival of all life. And her rebalancing with humanity will mean that we can actually survive as a species… with or without our understanding or wanting or liking the process.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, famine, storms, pestilence, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes, volcanoes… all these events are actually gifts, not disasters. They’re enabling us to grow and learn, adapt and evolve whilst staying on the planet. It’s spiritually enlightening! This process might look disastrous from a fear-based polarity-/duality-consciousness perspective but the way I see it, it’s uplifting, exciting, breathtaking, inspiring… and leading us from fear-and-control based consciousness to Love-and-allowance based consciousness; from living competition, overpower and conflict to living cooperation, empower and balance.

Sure, I’m glad I’ve not been directly involved in some of the events of recent years but I have often been very close. An example… in The Bahamas in 2005 at the time Katrina blew through on her way to USA — even in those early days of Katrina she brought lightning strikes to trees on the property, horizontal rain, howling gales — astounding forces of nature. And the rising intensity and frequency of events of great magnitude is affecting humanity on deeper levels than most realize.

So much human effort is destructive because the root motivation is in destruction, not creation and continuity of life. Whereas in Earth’s efforts (such as the huge earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan in 2011), the Earth’s intention is to bring about balance to sustain all life. Okay, it might mean letting go of a few species on the planet to achieve it, but it’s the ultimate survival of the whole that matters most to the whole. Unfortunately, man’s idea of controlling nature in the nuclear sense has shown our truly insignificant power in the planetary context. It has also highlighted the glaring need for us to come into alignment with nature, respecting her nourishment and hospitality, instead of dominating or abusing it as we have relentlessly done, historically.

Nature is guided and motivated by foundational spiritually-responsible principles such as… BE PRO SOMETHING, BE ANTI NOTHING ; CREATE WHAT YOU WANT, NOT DESTROY WHAT YOU DON’T WANT… and CHOICE IS LOVE. We are all being given the opportunity to create a new type of world and we are being given choices that will enable us to achieve it…. for the continuing benefit and survival of all life, of which we are a part, not the supercilious entitled superiors we’d assumed. The current changes are offering us the choice to live and grow… if we choose to.

We all have the ultimate power. All we need is the ultimate self discipline, diligence and persistence. Simple things like turn off the TV, don’t buy or read the newspapers, and don’t even talk about what is disempowering or fearful. Instead, choose wisely — play, laugh, join together and discuss at length your beautiful dreams and deepest wishes. It’s not doing denial, it’s simply redirecting your powerful personal force of creation. Whatever you aim that force of creation at, you’ll get a lot more of. So you might a swell aim it at what you want and love, not what the media throws out to keep everyone lacking, needing, dreading, and fearing.

As more and more of us choose to diligently and persistently apply such principles in our own individual lives, our whole reality will begin to swing around in a new direction because we’ll be bringing ourselves and our own lives into alignment with the Natural Law that is leading the way, not the convenient, self-interested laws of the obsolete human mentality.

Nothing survives that isn’t fed what it requires to stay alive. And that goes for the way our lives are run. We can withdraw our attention and support (agreement, effort, time) from what is not working for us, and pour that same energy (attention, support, effort, time) into things we DO agree with and love and want. The system works infallibly — it’s just a matter of what we direct our energy towards.

We can do it! I have total confidence in this, partly because it is SO simple.

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