What’s a sin, anyway?


Relax! There’s no such thing as a sin… other than a handy tool that the religious systems built and used to control the masses, convincing us all to follow the prevailing religious leadership, ideals and rules, no matter how faulty.

QUESTION to Paul: “I’ve often worried about whether or not I’ve sinned and what the consequences might become in my life. It worries me sometimes then I forget about it till it crops up again. Maybe it’s all in my mind. Should I find out and fix it?”

PAUL’s reply:
If there ever is a sin (and as I’ve said, I don’t believe there is) it would be to go against self — damaging self, hurting self, disappointing self, criticizing self, undermining self, doubting your inner urges and personal truth. Why? Because your genuine Divine guidance communicates inwardly with only you, through your heart. If you go against that, then you go against God, so to speak. The Divine Principle doesn’t really mind if you go against it but inevitably, if you do, you’ll create life circumstances that give you more reason to go even more against yourself and suffer even more.

If that were the case then the only thing to watch out for is yourself — you’d be causing yourself problems by hurting yourself. Simple. It’s a little like continually banging your head against a wall while complaining about having a headache.

SOLUTION… Don’t look back at what might have been, look forward — promise yourself you’ll never go against yourself in future in any way whatsoever. By doing so, you’ll create for yourself a life of unfolding love, joy and fulfillment, ease and prosperity… instead of more pain. And that is the purpose, after all.

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How to achieve Self Love — it’s simple, though not necessarily easy or familiar.


Love is a matter of allowance… it’s not about ‘liking’. Allowance triggers higher consciousness — Love Consciousness.

QUESTION to Paul: “I understand that all is progressing exactly the way it’s meant… and yet a constant feeling that one is yet to be in complete self love for everything around to work better… How can I make the process of falling in love with myself quicker?”

PAUL’s reply:
Ahhh, falling in love… That often gets a little misguided because of all the preconceptions behind the terms ‘love’ and ‘falling in love’. They’re loaded with ‘stuff’, and different stuff for each person. But Love (Love consciousness) is the essential issue and to get past a lot of ‘stuff’, think of Love as ALLOWANCE.

So the way to love self is to ‘allow self’… in every conceivable way. Allow your uniqueness, allow your differences, allow your personal choices and allow the variety you represent and bring to the world instead of sameness. This can manifest in a zillion different ways depending on the individual and what they’re learning and how.

One very powerful tool is… stop judging. See absolutely no ‘right/wrong’, ‘good/bad’, should/shouldn’t etc). Let go of duality and polarity thinking and conflict attitudes towards anything at all in your life or in your awareness. Then you’re beginning to Allow. And when that principle is turned upon self, it opens a whole new level of learning that also directly opens the inner doors to genuine Love consciousness and the fulfillment it inevitably brings on the inner levels as well as outer levels — because of the power and perfection in the law of reflection, you can only receive the love you’re willing to give yourself. If the love in your life is faulty, you must inspect the love you have for yourself because it will be faulty in the same way.

Allowing someone or something does NOT mean agreeing with it or putting up with it or suffering it in your life, it just means letting it exist as it is. Just recognize and accept that people are different, allow them their differences, and make the necessary self-supportive choices and self-supportive actions for your self-joy, rather than try to control or force another person to do or be anything they are not.

And as for making it quicker… time is definitely not the issue. When you Love, you’re loving. It’s immediate. It’s more an issue of how THOROUGHLY (that is to say widely, unconditionally, limitlessly, boundlessly, deeply) you love (…you allow). And the steps I mentioned make a very powerful and effective pathway.

So… first allow you to be you. Then you’ll begin to learn and appreciate the effects and implications of allowing others to be themselves. And stop judging — instead just observe and allow whatever it ‘is’ to just be… then make courageous self-supportive choices.

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Setting healthy priorities will bring you healthy and lasting joy.


What anyone else thinks of you is not important in any way at all. In fact, it’s not even any of your business. But what YOU think of you is vital.

QUESTION to Paul: “I’m always fearing I’ve done or said something that has upset someone or has made them change their view of me.”

PAUL’s reply:
Always defer to what’s true to you and agrees with you most deeply, regardless of what others might think or say. That way you are being truly honest — with yourself (which is the only REAL honesty) — and responsible and authentic. Though it might be challenging at times, it ensures spiritually healthy growth while achieving happiness; happiness that’s not self interested nor dependent, but rather happiness that’s self-generated and genuinely self-responsible at the highest spiritual level.

Remember: Your happiness is your responsibility. Anyone else’s happiness is their soul/sole responsibility to achieve, not yours. If ever you attempt to preserve someone else’s happiness but compromise your own happiness in the process, then you make a grave and damaging error, spiritually.

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Two simple ways to be true to yourself in any moment.


Your life is a constant flow of opportunities to learn about who you are, and thereby grow and evolve and become enlightened and fulfilled. But how can you maximize all those opportunities?

QUESTION to Paul: “I want to be true to myself… but I’m not sure WHO I am. I want to make the most of the next year but I don’t know what’s actually true to me or how to do it.”

PAUL’s reply:
Being true to yourself is always vital. It’s the only way to avoid looking back in regret after you’ve tried to gratify others in your life instead of honoring yourself.

Make only choices that honor YOUR inner truth and everything will be well, even if others dislike or disapprove of your choices. What anyone else thinks or feels is their own business and their own responsibility, not yours.

So how can you identify what’s true to you? One effective way is to stop amid whatever is going on, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax for a moment, then allow yourself to sense your subtle inner urges and wishes and longings, and trust that those urges are the voice of Love, of higher consciousness… because they are. Then act on those urges. Another way is what I call ‘the ideal’ method: imagine that the entire Universe and everything and everyone in it will be delighted with you and 100% supportive of you… as long as you do only what YOU deeply wish to do. And then be courageous and DO it.

Listen only to that ‘inner sense’, not your thoughts, because the mind genuinely does NOT know, it only THINKS it knows.

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Capitalize on the power of SYNCHRONICITY in your life.


Have you noticed that some people seem to have some strange power that gives their life purpose and fulfillment, while others just seem to suffer or struggle?

QUESTION to Paul: “Is synchronicity a real thing? Can most people begin to notice it? how can one distinctly see /understand events as being synchronistic and of a greater significance? Can one really get to the point of acquiring a ‘synchronic rhythm’ in their life?”

PAUL’s reply:
Synchronicity is definitely something real! And it’s a huge benefit once you realize what it’s all about.

It really depends on how you choose to perceive things — Is life a string of accidental coincidences; a random string of disconnected events? Or is it a meaningful and purposeful flow of events and circumstances; a flow that’s deliberately connected in some way, providing a journey that’s rich with guidance and opportunities to learn from and grow through? Personally, I’m totally convinced of and committed to the latter.

If you understand that life is a flow of creation happening THROUGH you (rather than just a flow of random stuff happening TO you) then you’re in high consciousness (high frequency, creator, mastery, Love) — you’ll know deep down that you’ve created everything and that everything is in an intricately-connected synchronistic web, has a valuable purpose, and is a rich and meaningful opportunity for you, even if you can’t intellectually understand what it is.

On the other hand, believing that life is just a flow of stuff happening TO you is the foundation of low consciousness (low frequency, victim, fear) — you’ll see life as lucky/unlucky, helpful/unhelpful, good/bad, or simply as an accidental coincidence, or even pointless and un-connected, and you feel powerless to do anything about it because some greater power than you is calling the shots.

When you’re in the ‘creator consciousness’ scenario, you know you’re creating it all so you’re actually in the driver’s seat, learning every day how to drive and master your vehicle of life on your road to total fulfillment, and are consequently willing to take total responsibility for your life.

In the ‘victim consciousness’ scenario, you’re coming from helplessness, fear, powerlessness (e.g.: it’s just a fortunate/unfortunate coincidence; poor me/poor them; it’s not fair; I can’t help it; it’s hopeless, I can’t make any difference myself; lucky them/ lucky me; I hope I can avoid this next time) — just hoping that there will be more ‘good’ or ‘lucky’ stuff than ‘bad’ or ‘unlucky’. And as you’d imagine, such people are seldom willing to take responsibility for their situations in life; someone else is always to blame.

But in truth they’re both just different views of exactly the same situation — that situation is: we are constantly creating everything in our own lives. The miserable downtrodden victims are simply ignorant of their creation powers, or maybe they’re not willing or haven’t learned how to use those powers. The thriving joyous charismatic people are in some way aware of their power and they are usually quite disciplined in using those powers. Occasionally, you’ll encounter an authentic Spiritual Master, identifiable by their being consciously deliberately learning, refining and using their creation powers throughout their day-to-day life. And possibly even teaching others who feel ready to know and grow.

The basic difference between people in the 2 scenarios is that the ‘victim’ person knows they’re NOT creating their own life, and the ‘Master’ knows they ARE.

As for that rhythm in life… I believe that’s a matter of acknowledging that indeed you are creating your life and witnessing the evidence that is always appearing. Examples: “Wow, I was just thinking of that the other day and… here it is now!” ; “I used to wish for this as a child and now, here I have it” ; “I was just thinking of you and here you are phoning me after so long” ; “Only yesterday I was thinking how it’d be nice to meet up with you and now we bump into each other today!” When we perceive such events as being self-created, they become synchronistic and meaningful guidance. And as they begin stringing together they create those rhythms of awareness and fulfillment.

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Can you tell if it’s your heart talking, not just your head?


If you’ve ever wondered if your heart’s actually communicating with you, or is it just your head playing tricks again, you’re not alone. But it can be really simple to get clear on it…

QUESTION to Paul: “I feel so stressed, even overwhelmed with things at the moment. I’m under so much pressure to decide which way to go at the moment. It’s a very important decision, so I want to hear my heart because I want to choose what’s really best for me, not just what’s safest or easiest. I feel so torn by it all. What are my heart’s desires? I don’t think it even has any desires any more! Maybe my heart isn’t talking to me at all?”

PAUL’s reply:
“This is a brilliant reflection for you because it’s showing so clearly that you are actually torn inside. The outside issues are just the reflection. As soon as you’re no longer feeling torn inside over it all, the outside issues will subside, miraculously.

Firstly, relax — if you didn’t have any heartfelt desires and were not hearing the heart’s wishes, you’d not feel torn or divided or stressed in the situation. Your heart is pulling you one way and your head is pulling you another way.
Secondly, if your heart actually wasn’t communicating with you at all, you wouldn’t have heartfelt desires and wishes at all either — those ones that are there, wooing you and giving you hope, even if you try to ignore them — you’d be unaware that there was a chance of choosing something that went against your greater good.

You’re actually torn between your heart and your head. So there’s the ‘torn’ to address. Take a few quiet moments and contemplate the options. Surrender to the option that REALLY deeply attracts you — rather than the one that just ‘quells your fears’ or ‘satisfies your needs’ — even if it seems to make no ‘sense’ or is unlike anything else, or even defies the understanding of others.

Our mind’s work only with known quantities but the heart is aware of much more. If we ignore our heart’s urges, we will eventually regret it.

So… Let the heart decide WHAT, then let the mind figure out HOW. Only the heart’s wisdom knows what to do or to choose, and the mind has the knowledge of how it can be done.
Never let your mind decide ‘what’ to do or ‘whether or not’ to do it. If you do, you’ll never get out of the ‘same-old same-old’.

All creativity works through this principle, enabling the creative one to consider things outside the obvious or normal realms — things in the remarkable, extra-ordinary realms. They are who surprise the world with revolutionary new ideas, inventions, awareness — and the people who make a difference in the world instead continuing or defending the ‘same-old’.

What’s more… it’s the method that’ll strengthen your heart, your heart wisdom, and your heart communication constantly.

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How you can love someone without liking them.


I was again asked recently about an issue that’s foundational in my work and I’m asked often — the difference between loving and liking…

QUESTION:  “Paul, you differentiate between the words ‘loving’ and ‘liking’ quite distinctly in the consultation I had with you… and also you said that sometimes “People may ‘love’ you tho they may ‘hate’ you” in same breath. How is it that people may ‘love’ you tho they may ‘hate’ you?”

PAUL’s Reply:
People may intensely dislike (‘hate’) something/s about you or that you do or represent, but they may still not try to control or change you. If that’s the case then they’re ‘allowing’ you to do or represent what they personally don’t like.

The soul ‘allows’ (Loves) and the ego controls or forces (fears). So by ‘allowing’ you to be you, without any pressure to change you into someone they like, they’re acting with genuine higher consciousness — Love (allowance). If they try to force change or control or judge what they do not like, then that’s a sign of lower consciousness — fear (control/ dis-allowance).

One simple way to be genuinely Loving — ALLOW. You don’t have to like ‘it’, and you certainly don’t have to suffer it or agree with it… but allow it to be whatever it is.

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How to manifest ‘more pleasant stuff in life’…


I was emailed today by someone struggling with coming to terms with their life seeming to be relentlessly negative and frustrating…

QUESTION: “I’m getting so frustrated with things in life… wishing I were able to manifest things of a more positive nature and wondering why I’m manifesting things that are not always pleasant… Thinking “Life’s a bitch” but knowing deep at my core that it’s only as bitchy as I let it be… Trying to transform this anger that seems to be with me 24/7… I worry that it’s so much a part of my DNA (anger on both sides of my family) that I won’t be able to get through this life feeling peace within. I seem to draw experiences and people into my life that only feed this frustration/ exasperation/ displeasure… Each day brings more “What the hell?!”
I guess I’ll always be faced with s–t to step over and some of it will always get on my shoes.

PAUL’s reply:
Let stuff go. Holding onto things is knocking you out. Just turn and put all your energy into something/s you DO like and want in your life. Remind yourself that everyone is MEANT to be doing things their own way, and let them do it. We can never know another’s choices or path, and we have no right to judge them. We just need to allow them the privilege of choosing, even if they screw it up in our view. That’s what this ascension time is all about. They are responsible for their choices, not you. And they have to learn that, even if it’s the hard way. That’s why you’re so frustrated – you haven’t allowed yourself to allow them their choices without judging. You’re frustrated with you, not with them.

You’re poisoning yourself with your concerns about others. Their concerns are not relevant. And it’s not healthy for you, it’s toxic and damaging. But nobody can redirect your attention and thoughts except you – that’s YOUR highest responsibility. Your head is telling you that there IS a RIGHT way and a GOOD result and YOU are the one who must tell them what it is. But that’s not true.

And that’s not what’s needed here. Your detachment about it is needed so that, without the emotional distortions, you can gain a clearer picture of what’s actually going on in these times. Plus, you’ll reclaim your responsibility for your contribution to it all by being SELF loving, SELF aware, SELF supportive and SELF responsible (spiritually-responsible) by tending to your own energy/consciousness by directing it only towards what you love and want and long for FOR YOU. You can’t involve others in your hopes and dreams because spiritually it’s not your responsibility, it’s their own responsibility. What’s more, you CAN’T take responsibility for them or their choices or their happiness — it’s impossible. You can only THINK you’re taking responsibility… or that you can change it.

Meditate. Sit quietly (for a short time at least) each day and contemplate YOUR wishes and hopes and dreams you have for YOU, not your wishes or hopes concerning others. It’ll all be fine, even though it might not make sense along the way to being fine ultimately.

To manifest things of a positive nature, you need to BE of a positive nature. It’s the ONLY way. Be what you want your life to be. Your life’s a mirror and to change the reflection in the mirror (your life) you need to change the source of the reflection (self). Simple, but not familiar and not necessarily easy at first. You’ve got to be willing, diligent and persistent — relentless, in fact — if you’re going to evolve through it and find peace and joy and fulfilment. (But it doesn’t cost any money!)

Be aware too that all people of pre-1992 births and, even more so, pre-1948 births are less prepared and capable for these change times and can face more upheaval and inner conflict in order to allow the incoming consciousness shift to take place in them and manifest in their lives. Not impossible at all, but much more discipline and effort is required than the average under-20 person on the planet.

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The times certainly are a changin’…


Do you have the feeling that things just aren’t happening quite the same way any more? Have you wondered what’s REALLY going on? Found yourself becoming frustrated with things that have never really bothered you so much before? Raising questions that you can’t get answers to? Why do things seem to be getting bigger and more difficult than ever before? Not able to ignore things any more but, equally, can’t get satisfaction or clarity on them either?

Many people are facing the same, or similar, very real and often unfathomable issues in life as each other. These issues are not familiar and are seldom simple, and they don’t have ready answers in the media or the system that’s prevailed or that’s generally provided support or information.

Lots of questions hit my email inbox from a wide range of people, all of which I answer personally. Over the years it’s given me some very clear insights and realisations, one of which is that many people have similar issues in their lives, issues that rest on the same foundational principles but manifest in ways that are unique to the individual.

So… I’ve decided to use this space to share insights and guidance between people who are interested in their spiritual growth and learning in this massively transformative time in the evolution of our world and everyone in it. I’ll share people’s questions along with my answers to them.

The idea is for readers and visitors to get information, awareness, and hopefully help and guidance.
I invite people to contact me (real names will never be shown in this forum) with their issues in life that they want some clarity or guidance on, and I’ll offer a healthy enlightened perspective and some tools to deal with it. Doesn’t matter whether it’s something very personal or a global event — whatever, as long a sit’s something that’s on your mind and you’d like some help with or you’d just like to get clearer on.

My intention is help as many people as possible begin embrace and benefit from the new consciousness of Love, Power & Wisdom in their life… using their own real life experiences as the platform, the vehicle and opportunity for their transformation.This will mean rising out of the old paradigm (duality, pain & powerlessness) and coming into alignment with the Big Shift that’s going on — master it rather than be a victim of it!

I’m sure everyone who follows and reads this forum as it grows will relate to some of the real-life, real-people issues in the context of their very own life. These are not theory but actual issues and experiences. My answers are not run-of-the-mill ones, they’re healthy enlightened ones founded in deep spiritual principles that I have witnessed through my own work to bring genuine, manageable transformation and worthwhile results in people’s lives the world over.

Please Contact Me with your questions.
Let’s see how it goes…

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Ahhh… India


I always love coming to India. This time, when we arrived at Bangalore just after midnight, we came into the new International Airport which is quite a way out of town. In many ways I missed the hustle and bustle and crowded craziness of the old airport in town—this one felt less ‘India’ than I remembered from visits in previous years. I guess that’s what’s called progress… But once we’d come into town I got that ‘India’ feeling again—the fluidity, flexibility and allowance that’s in everything here… that real-life, hands-on, shoulder-to-shoulder experience of Love consciousness in action… like it or not.
… I love it.

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